Misunderstanding Of The Black Woman

by Amina 3x

I speak for them all 
Hope society will hear my call
We didn't fall
The world just evolved
and got us involved
Our wombs were invaded
We became impregnated
with the this thought of distrust
So we became inflamed with this anger
Called lust
At times we're over ruled by greed
And think we're somewhat like superwomen next to Christopher Reed 
Ignore the real issues in life
So now we live in a fairytale
Hoping to be the cheating man's wife
Unlike prince charming coming to ride us off on his horse
We take what we can in life
And end up with the highest rate divorce
We flaunt ourselves to men across the world
Get caught up,
And taken through a hurl
A hurl of disrespect, beaten, and cheatin, 
A hurl of misunderstanding the black woman…
So our focus in life now becomes weakened 
Caught up in processing our hair, sewing someone's string into our roots
Fake nails, fake identity
Walkin' in someone else's boots
Men, they take us as a joke!
Cause all they see
Are big boobs, and ass hanging out everywhere!
They say to themselves
"Why the hell should we even care!"
Cause really, 
We've become one of America's most wanted whores
Ridin' in the back, with a gangsta' lean
On momma's no wax floors
We've become commercialized
Purchasing clothes that don't represent us
Mini skirts, half sleeve shirts,
This was never within us
Painted faces, looking like all other races
We forgot who we are 
Now society has left us out here alone
With an ugly scare
 A scare in search of love, in all the wrong places
In cars, on the corner of some dam street
In the courthouse they're so many cases 
Cases of unwedded mothers
Don't know who baby's daddy is
He was just another fine ass brotha 
Paul, James, or maybe even Tyrone
"Cause that day we was in heat 
Like dogs fighting over a bone"
No one ever taught us the secrete that was kept away
How we were taken from our native land
and led astray
Cause we were queens, 
Not Diane, or Elizabeth
But we were made naturally clean
Wore silk robes that covered us from shame
Emeralds were our names
Amina, Makeda, Nandi 
We were never played with as games 
We were held in highest esteem
We were never disrespectful, rude, or mean
But due to the lack of knowledge of ourselves
we let the white man confuse us
and tie us on bed rails 
So we've been misunderstood
Running like rats in the hood
We eat and get fat
Looking out the window, as the world turns
Try to hide our burns
Hoping one day for some guiding light
To this day, we try so hard to stand bold and beautiful
And get knocked down daily in the fight
So these be the days of our lives
But one day like Maya says, " we will rise"
And become wives
To committed husbands
Until then our minds remain unspoken, and full of venom 
And so it is with the misunderstanding of the blackwoman…

Misunderstanding Of The Black Woman by Amina 3x

© Copyright 2001. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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