Mental Freedom

by Amina Muhammad

Every breath I take every move I make
he's watchin' me
preoccupied by my destiny 
he magnifies my greatness
Aiming to poison the mind of my people
everytime I'm alone I ask my soul questions
but my soul is mute like destiny
My heart beats for peace 
as strength appears across my feet
He becomes surprised 
after all his  lies 
I'm still standing
silently I look back 
painfully my people were opressed 
weak bodies governed by illminded creatures
unfurnished thoughts scattered across the city
my people are blown away
like incense mingling through silence
mocked by sounds of sin 
now lines of agony fills my forehead 
My people are dead
blinded by forces of ignorance
I began to shed tears to this world of mine
because misery loves my people 
and all that's left are falling tears and broken hearts 
torn apart by lies,
speechless becomes their tongues 
terrified by the enemy 
my people lay paralyzed
blind, deaf, and dumb
As I strengthen myself for another day
in memory of my people 
I pray,
for the day that we stand close in heart
and remain alive like eternity 
that we are not blown away by death
but rise in greatness like the sun....

Mental Freedom by Amina Muhammad

© Copyright 2002. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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