Creamed Coffee

by Amina Asha 3x

Brown Rice
Grains of  wheat 
Brown sugar the taste that is naturally sweet
Brown eyes
Sparkle from the sun
Ginger lips not just for everyone
Brown skin, co-co brown skin,
Coffee brown skin 
Dark black is what they’re drinkin’
Rice bleached now
Grains of wheat striped naked
Toast is not burned anymore  
Brown sugar is thrown to the shore
No body won’t even take it
Brown rice want to mix with white rice 
They call it rice medley
Having babies of different grains 
They call them wild rice
Brown sugar lips being replaced with silicon
Now coffee is for sale now
They call it Starbucks
now white folks think they struct with luck
Brown sugar is ignored
Sugar with no color is adored
I went to model at a coffee shop
Told me my ribs were too big
You know, my frame was not the same
I told them I was a vegetarian 
Said my neck bones need to boil just a tad bit
Said while I wait 
They’ll just accept this white chic
Cause.. her bread was bleached,
You know white
And she had naked feet
revealing herself halfnaked 
making my brother become so weak
He couldn't even fake it
I looked up at this man
His skin was coffee brown 
Dark brown, you know co-co brown
His lips were burned like tossed
His coffee was just right, you know, color right, just right
He looked at me
Said he likes his with  lot’s of cream
So I passed him some
Told him a was natural
I don’t no maybelean 
Cause what I got
Was black, pure black, coffee black, you know brown sugar black
And clean…
The origin from which all colors derived
So I walked out
Drinking my coffee 
Walking with great pride.... :-)

Creamed Coffee by Amina Asha 3x

© Copyright 2001. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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