The Infinite Ones

by Applejacque

We are the Infinite Ones 

Each of us were birthed 
from the eighth sign of the eighth house 
Our photosynthesized roots 
kissed by the rays of Sun-Ra 
Procreated creation 

In the infamous year of 1617 
our struggle through the Diaspora 
made way for what we now know as 
the Age Of Infinity 

We've attacked this time in history 
leaving our distinct mark 
in magnificent rainbow spectrums of all races 
and rose like a phoenix from the ashes 
soaring like an eagle through time and space 
Conquering the stinging truth of our perseverance 
For we are the Infinite Ones 

We are everywhere, but not everyone sees us 
We are vocal, but not everyone hears us 
Only the few intimate perceptive observers 
can feel and know our presence 

our aura gives off a life force 
that transcends spiritually 
and has the two-fold power of healing & destruction 
for we must tear down the negative & rebuild the positive 

Our existence charges us to change taboos 
and teach the secrets revealed from the tree 
of the knowledge of good & evil 
Yin & Yang 
excess and abstinence 
and anything not covered in life's manual 
for we are the Infinite Ones 

We round out the full twisted circle of our lives 
in search of the everlasting orgasm 
It's a hunger that dwells deep within us 
incurring visions of an ideal sexual experience so torrid 
so spiritual and unifying 
that it defies verbal description 

The male sex is on overdrive 
The female counterpart has the versatility of a geisha 
We aim to please ourselves and our lovers 
Our uninhibited passion fuels us 
making carnal knowledge an act worth living and dying for 

Love is love and lust is lust 
Sex in both of these realms are separate but equal 
paying special attention to their respective entities 
'cause the fire turns hot when you burn the candle on both ends 
But it is the abandon and thrill
that makes it all the more satisfying 
for we are the Infinite Ones 

We meet the challenges of both sex and danger 
carrying a blowtorch while wearing asbestos drawers under it all 
Going out in a blaze of glory 
into the wild blue flame of existence 
but we are not consumed 

There's at least one small measure of heat 
within the charred ruins after an inferno 
The wind stirs up just enough oxygen 
to stoke up sparks, in hopes to form 
flame after flame after flickering flame 

A phoenix always rises from the ashes 
An eagle always soars higher than any Earthly bird
The sting of a scorpion always leaves his mark 
and as long as you live, you will never forget you've met us 
for we are the Infinite Ones 

....welcome to our world

The Infinite Ones by Applejacque

© Copyright 2002. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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