by Applejacque

What a perfect combination 
Candlelight and you 
Tonight's erotic recreation's 
Candlelight and you 

I want to take in every curve 
Each swerve ignites my optic nerve 
Burning within my very soul 
Pleasures principle is our goal 

Casted shadows on the walls show 
Various positions of our love flow 
As your cocoa caramel skin glows 
in the candlelight 

I can handle the sensation 
Candlelight and you 
Hot wax with illumination 
Candlelight and you 

"Make me feel good", scream my name 
Turn off the lights, but don't blow out the flame 
You've lit an inferno in my libido 
Being erotic is in our credo 

Bodies spent, collapsed, and worn 
Clothing scattered, ripped, and torn 
This session was birthed and born 
from the candlelight 

Vanilla scented room creating 
Candlelight and you 
Honey-coated skin marinating 
Candlelight and you 

I want to take in all of you 
And each intricate thing you do 
Basking in each others grasp 
If you want more, you need but ask 

Stars that shine from up above 
Is what passions are made of 
As we resume making sweet love 


CandleLight by Applejacque

© Copyright 2002. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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