Apple's Lyric

by Applejacque

My love
My only Hope
My all
My living Hope
I welcome your sweet presence in my chamber.
No more darkness, since you've come
you're the only worthy one
My blinded eyes opened up in haste
to your vision of mocha beauty and grace
Welcomed is your sweet presence in my chamber.

Your eyes
Your starry eyes
Your eyes
Your taunting eyes
I see our forever lasting evermore.
We exclaimed interest, we exchanged smiles
slaves by the Nile / slaves OF the Nile
Singing in the key of "We"
to break each others shackles free
Yes, I saw forever lasting, evermore.

This fruit
This precious fruit
This fruit
This lushious fruit
One bite and I've acquired a taste for thee.
Each passing moment, my hunger grows
you love's the only thing it knows
Devouring each others lips is just
set off and triggered with one touch
From one bite, I acquired  a taste for thee.

I drink
I sip from you
I drink
The wine of you
Straight from the vine, and into mine own heart.
As I savor your sweet taste
I'll let nothing go to waste
Some drops flowing from the brim
some drops dripping from my chin
Picked off the vine, and into mine, own heart.

Apple's Lyric by Applejacque

© Copyright 2002. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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