by Anwar Aswad Amir

What Would Jesus Do?

Why do I love them?
That thought to you...Iím sure is quite dim.
You just canít see it...In your mind.
Why...Jesus was loving and ever so kind.
Thatís why...I should love you too.
Isnít that what Jesus would do?

What Would Jesus Do?
Jesus would forgive you, thatís law.
Why canít you see the things Jesus saw?
Jesus gave  respect and obedience to the father.
Who gave him the power to walk on water?
He had the power to cure a man of leprosy.
He even had the power to make a blind man see.

What Would Jesus do?
Jesus would look, into the inside of you...To where all your feelings hide.
To see if you were bonafide, or just going along for the ride.
You see...everything that glitter isnít gold and if you give it a quick once-over.
You will never see the  falseness and deceit until the skin unfolds.
Donít judge a book just by looking at the cover.
You must look inside of it, then the plot...You will discover.

What Would Jesus Do?
He would honor his mother and father.
He honored, loved and was able to make wine from  water.
For him...the father had an assignment.
Thatís the reason  he was sent.
To take us out of this downward swirl.
To bring love and truth...Back into the world.

Just by you  changing your matter and form.
It does not make you reborn.
You have to change your life form.
Through Jesus to be reborn.
You can fix-up and make-up.
If you donít  circumcise the foreskin from your heart...
it will be just another cover-up

Tell me...is your  mind still, dim?
Can you understand him?
Can you now see why I love and forgive them?
Jesus knew people cared most about, how they appeared to other people.
Rather, than how they appeared to the father.
He was a lamb and was sent to the slaughter
To try and help save his fatherís children.
Yet he still loved and even died for you.
Knowing that your  love was false and not true.
Why canít you believe,  thatís what Jesus would do?

Jesus will always love his fatherís children. 
He loved them of little faith... 
Regardless of their  mental or physical state.
Regardless of the color of their skin.
Even the ones who hated him  he took  them in.
Whenever I see the folly and madness.
Or someone, homeless or in distress.
If I Walked With Jesus Daily.
I cannot even second-guess. 

I donít have to ask myself...What Would Jesus do?
I can show compassion to the needy.
I can love and respect the greedy.
And because of him ... I love them  too.
Jesus said ďhate the sin, but love the sinner.Ē
With Jesus a loser can become  a winner.
Now you should always remember and not have to wonder...WWJD?

WWJD by Anwar Aswad Amir

© Copyright 2001. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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