The Black Female Worker

by Anwar Aswad Amir

Love brought her here, but you couldn't stay.
To teach and protect her, and send her on her way.
The manchildern standin' on the corners, always a negative reaction.,
causin' confusion.
The hustlers and the pimps, abusing' and misusing' her.
Always trying to use her, the black female worker.

She's the most victimized!
Always scandalized.
Fightin' against her brothers.
Fightin' against her sisters.
Nigger flunkies, and the redneck honkies.
She works hard everyday then havin' to give sex to her boss I say,
just to get a raise in pay.
Unscheduled bullshit!

The slave master won't go away.
Sometimes they are white.
But the horror of it all is when a brother acts that way,
forcin' sexual favors you know it just ain't right!
Love brought her here, or was it a night of delight?
It Don't matter which is right, but it didn't stay.
Now we Afrikan men must work hard to respect, protect
and make it safe for the black female worker.
The most victimized person in AMERICA!!!!

The Black Female Worker by Anwar Aswad Amir

© Copyright 2006. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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