This Revolution

by Anwar Aswad Amir

I Realize We Are Fighting a Revolution

The Revolution to Build a Bridge Forward to the Old World.

The Revolution to Bring the Scattered Afrikaans around the World Together

The Revolution to Bring Back the Family Unit to Our Children.

The Revolution to Become The Correct Example (image) For Our Children, By
The Way We Live (by the things, we say and do and the way we treat each

The Revolution to Stop Thissss Dis-Placed Aggression.

The Revolution to Overcome a Lifetime of Shame.

The Revolution to Stop the Jailing and Killing of the Afrikan People Without
a Cause.

The Revolution to Overcome the Abuse and being Forced to Live in Ways That's
So Inhumane.

The Revolution to Free Our People from a Life of Dope!

The Revolution to Give the People Back Their Hope!

This Revolution Is to Stop the Brainwashing, Mis-Education along with the
Illing and Killing in Our Race.

The Revolution of Thought???? Back to Our Own Culture? BACK to the Ways and
Respect for the Elders, Family and Community.

The Revolution to Remove the White Images from Our Homes. Yes! The White
Jesus Pictures.

The Revolution to Again Have Control of Our Children to Help Save the next

The Revolution for All Afrikan Men to Go Forward to the Girlfriends,
ex-wives, Mothers, Foster Homes and Reclaim their off- Springs.

The Revolution to Stop the High Rankin' and Low Rankin' Between the Afrikan
Male and Female.

The Revolution for a just jury.

The Revolution to Stop the Fury !!!!!

The Revolution to put an end to the family violence!!!

And until we bring back the respect and dignity to our race.

And until we again have control of our children to help save the next

We will suffer and our children and their children will suffer.

And until we recognize the real god for our people. . . .

And when we realize our fatherís God is not housed in a steeple!!!

We must Rebel Mentally, Spiritually and Respectfully.

Until We Have Taken And Gained Back Control of Our Basic Human Rights.....

This Revolution Will Continue.....

This Revolution by Anwar Aswad Amir

© Copyright 1997. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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