My Cries In The Night

by Anwar Aswad Amir

                      I am the aborted child of Afrika!

                    i was stolen and brought to America.

                        remember; i was brought here,

                         to this western hemisphere

             in shackles and chains, for me this was no delight.

            you can tell as you listen to my cries in the night.

                      when you hear my screams of pain.

                  you know freedom i tried to regain . . .

    late into the night you can hear the cries of our suffering and pain.

          Afrikans calling out to the motherland, screaming out!!!

             while they are beaten' tormented burned and hanged.

                    now its cocaine driving them insane.

                         time after time after time.

                         they treat it like a crime.

                      Afrikans being beaten and hanged

                     just because they want to be free.

            as i look up at the full moon, i know my father's god

                            have not forsaken me?

                    i say prayers to my father god above.

      to forgive the ones that crowd around and drag me into the woods.

they smell of moonshine and funk', they're laughin' and a shoutin'.

                               dogs a barkin'.

         a pregnant mother belly is cut open! And a baby drops out!

           they done killed another one, you better check it out!

    another aborted child of Afrika, just for honkies to have Sunday fun.

                       it's just another field-sport.

                      now we're another brother short.

                      again I'm trying for my freedom.

                            i cannot be fearsome.

     when you hear the dogs barkin' and my cries in the summer's night.

           you know i-mans on the run for his Afrikan birth right.

    you can tell by my screams of agony and pain, that I've been caught.

               lord! Tell me why these men are so distraught?

          the yellow moon watches my onslaught with a dreadful eye.

                   as I'm beaten' under the midnight sky.

                 when you hear my cries late into the night.

                        you might ask why did he try?

            because you know by my cry . . . I-mans is gonna die!

My Cries In The Night by Anwar Aswad Amir

© Copyright 2002. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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