What's A Man To Do?

by Anwar Aswad Amir

If he was you, what would you do?
Love is like a dream that can be shattered by any means.
A moment of pleasure, is better than a 
Lifetime of waiting,
Sometimes there is a place where no dreams come true.
Sometimes a man do what he gotta do.

A woman is like a time bomb, a tornado or hurricane.
Sometimes they can be insane.
Nobody knows the minute or the hour.
When they will stop being a passionflower.
When they go from sweet to sour.
Then the Blackman they want to devour.
And like a big blast, your life is past.

Shattered dreams, broken dreams, not caring about 
what’s happenin’ upstream.
A woman will say and a woman will do, all the things that hurt you.
And the world knows these things are true.
So what’s a man to do? Does anybody know?
I will keep right on tryin’, when will it show?
Take your rightful place and be a man!
But she will say, “You’re not the kind of man I want you to be”, 
And I! Never can!
Another white man’s trick, another black woman’s ploy.
To keep destroyin’ the Afrikanman and the little boy.

What’s a man to do?
Is there a real woman to give my love to?
NO white and very few blacks can understand, a black man 
In this God forsaken land.
Very few people will sit down with the Afrikan.
Because like  L.A.and  the case of Rodney King.
When will the Freedom bell ring?
The Whiteman and black woman since they are born, 
Think they are never wrong.
When will it stop, when will it end?
As soon as the bellicose attitudes we unbend.

What’s a man to do?
My sister, my woman, my mother.
We all must respect each other.
Since Samson, since Barry,
Since Thomas, since Tyson.
The black woman in this nation,
has helped to block the Afrikan aspiration.
If all these things are true,

 Dear God, tell me. . . . . What’s a man to do?

What's A Man To Do? by Anwar Aswad Amir

© Copyright 1992. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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