Where Broken Hearts Go

by Anwar Aswad Amir

Where does a broken heart go?

As i sit here on this misty night . . .

I am wondering where broken hearts go? When they want someone

To hold them tight.

I wonder where they go when they arrive and find you're not there anymore?

And when they find your love have fled out through the back door.

And when you realize their tricks and fuckery.

And when you're forced to live in misery.

Will the person, they ever forgive?

Will it stay in a place where god doesn't live?

Will it only see rage, frustration and hurt?

Where will it go when it wants to flirt?

When they make life for you blusey blue.

When they finish abusing' you.

Sorry and forgive me is all they ever say.

But does that help a broken heart find a sunny day?

Where will it go acting hard as nail?

Will it resort to murder or blackmail?

Where will it go when it want the hurting' to cease?

Where will it go to find inner peace?

Where will it go, when it's comforter just nag and nag and complain

And complain?

Where will it go to get relief from the pain?

Where will it go to get comfort from the storm?

Or in agony will it just roam and roam?

Does a broken heart take all the blame?

Does it use it's tears to smother the flame?

Does it become a victim of crack-n-cocaine?

Or do they sometimes go insane?

Will it ever try and rearrange?

Or will it just suffer along with the pain?

When it can't find a place for repair.

Will it just wonder around in despair?

Do the pieces become brittle like dry bone?

Does its feelings become cold like stone?

Does it become dogmatic?

Does it start acting psychosomatic?

To mend a broken heart.

When will the healing start?

Will it ever heal and mend?

Or will it's life just come to an end?

You made them your strength, your force and your pith.

Where is the sweet, sweet soul you feel in love with?

Will the person care if you're ever upright again?

Or is it just destine for you to blow in the wind?

Was it all just a myth-make believe?

Were you just deceived?

Now where will you go to get your self hugs and kisses?

The things a heart always misses.

When in despair when it needs a repair.

Lord! Tell me somebody got to know.

Where does broken heart go?

Where Broken Hearts Go by Anwar Aswad Amir

© Copyright 1995. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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