Body Breathing

by Anwar Aswad Amir

When your body is breathing, it is so full of life

Like the music no strifes.

the bass and drum drops as one

The bongo and the Congo drum playing a Nyabingi rhythm

Playing the heartbeat of every existence of God's creation.

Surrounding me with sweet vapors of your love juice flowing

Into my body cavity from the hollow of the body, you are holding.

Your body breathing, is and instrument made of wood

Playing its treble melody, for my ears only.

Then with your four strings

Representing the arms and legs or your movement

Vibrating and pusaiting.

Stretching by the means of your bridge wrapped around me,

comforting and touching my every being.

Your bow playing me causing my juices to intertwine with yours.

with me feeling the rhythm of your body breathing

taking me to the place where I wanna be

setting my spirit a-free

When I feel your body breathing,

I see your lovely eyes sparkle with the eternal plummets

of a Happy tomorrow.

Your voice takes away the sorrows

In addition, all the worries of my very soul.

Your body breathing exhaling the sweet essence of life.

I am inhaling the life that your body is breathing.

Your Body Breathing is a heavenly reaction

I'm caught up in a mental, spiritual, not a physical attraction.

Your body breathing reminding me of all sweet thing in life

the fragrant of a rose to a sweetscentedsummerbreeze.

When Your body is breathing you are

Never aiming to miss you are always aiming to please

Your smile smites the darkest corner of my heart.

You are an exceptionally delightful sweet Lady

we could be a couple, a pair and friends

when your Body is breathing in and out, out and in

with me feeling your every pleasure

making the two of us one and the violin plays on . . .

Body Breathing by Anwar Aswad Amir

© Copyright 2000. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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