A Friend

by Anwar Aswad Amir

A friend

Friend, where have u been all my life?

Why did U wait until now to come?

The Angels are singing, telling me U are here.

Friend, tell me that u will stay awhile.

Tell me, friend with your heavenly smile.

The baggage U brought with U carries such sweet treats

A heart filled with love and respect

When the angels are singing, what else would I expect?

There is no trickery or ulterior motives.

U said a friend is one who let the trust be real

A friend is a friend no matter how they feel

U were sent to start my happy ending

To bring me peace of mind and start the mending

U brought real friendship from Heaven above.

A lot of people don't know that friendship is . . . Real love.

U said a friend is someone U can tell your troubles too.

Without that friend pointing a finger at U.

U said a friend doesn't put a condition on the relationship.

U said a friend never ever flip the script..

Never ever digging a hole to trap U in the pit.

Never will they leave U stranded or Out there in the shit.

U said U has been here all the time.

But I had been looking at your outward beauty

Just thinking U was another cutely cutely.

I had to look deep down inside

Then I could see if U was bonafide

Or just taking me for a ride.

U said a friend would know the right spot.

Its right in your mind, is it not?

U said a friend would listen and not criticize.

A friend would understand to see and realize.

As a free spirit U just wanna be U.

And maybe just need a friend to tell your troubles too.

U said a friend does not deal with manipulation

Or get caught up being a victim of wrong interpretations.

U told me a friend is caring and sharing.

U said a friend never take more than they give.

Someone U can trust and put your trust in.

Over, and over and again and again.

I said to U, "Your worse enemy can be your best friend

And your best friend can be your worst enemy."

Only a friend can reveal everything that U do.

U said it couldn't be U.

U said to me," why would Angels be singing?

If it were bad vibes U were bringing."

The trumpets are blowing

Letting me know you are here.

Stay a while and spend a little time.

Make yourself comfortable my dear.

The fire from inside of you is blazing real hot.

A cold, cold heart you have not.

Standing here I'm feeling the heat from your tender spot.

I pray this feeling never ever stop.

Your friendship is what I desire.

To take this chill from my heart with you're warm, warm fire.

Let your words ring true.

U said asks is all I have to do.

Let's us start the happy ending.

Let's make up for all the long lost time.

Today as U read this poem . . . the friend I want U to become is mine.

A Friend by Anwar Aswad Amir

© Copyright 2001. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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