Virginia Tech

by Antwian Marcel Crawford

I have more respect for Virginia Tech today than I did yesterday...
Because of your strength and courage, I sit back and reflect today...
And though your loved ones have passed away
We still look forward to a brighter day
And an even brighter tomorrow...
I know our hearts feel sorrow but we must push on...
And keep on praying to God until the pain is gone...
But every time I think about it I thank God that I'M alive...
And I often pray for ones who survived
'Cause see, Virginia Tech is very close to me
Because Tech educated me, my friends and family...
So when the students yell out "HOKIE!!!" like they often do
I also scream out Hokie because I'm a Hokie too

Tech took me in when I was just a teen in strife...
They educated, guided and prepared me for life...
And I don't know if it's still around
But I thank God for their program called Upward Bound...
See, they extended their hand to a ghetto teen like me
And helped unlock my mind and set it free
And Lord knows just where I would be
If they didn't express that kind of love for me
So naturally there's a connection created
And that same love is reciprocated
That's why I lift my voice and show my respect
When I say "We are Virginia Tech"

Victorious in the midst of tragedy

Inspiration in the eye of a storm

Resilient once the storm is over

Gallantly making time go on

Incredibly making the world take notice

Never giving up on love

Immediately extending a helping hand

As we look toward the sky above

Together we can make it through

Evolving in these times is a must

Centering our attention on God and country

Hokie spirit is in all of us

Virginia Tech... you will forever be a part of me...

Virginia Tech by Antwian Marcel Crawford

© Copyright 2007. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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