My Diary

(Inspired By: Alicia Keys “Diary”)

by Intellect

If you want to be thought of as the pages in my diary
You must first promise that you will never lie to me
You must promise to never make me feel out of place
And throw those same secrets back into my face
You must give me your undivided attention and show loyalty
And then maybe we can treat each other like royalty
And make love to each other quite royally…
But you must judge me not
And give me the best that you got
Because I will surely try my best to give you what you need
Without selfishness or greed till we both succeed
We will laugh till we cry
Love till it hurts
Hug till we can’t breathe
Because my heart still sometimes bleeds…
And your love is like a band-aide
But I gotta let you know that I am afraid…
Afraid to let go… and tell you things that you do not know
About me so we must take this slowly 
Until you really and truly get to know me
But just by looking at your face and deep into your eyes
You make me want to confess and claim my prize
Because you… are my only flame in a world of darkness
You’re the one that keeps me sane in a world of chaos
And I want you to be the one that screams my name, when I’m giving it to you right
And I’ll try to make love last forever instead of just one night
And I’m glad that you want to know my secrets and bear my seed
Because that’s the kind of love and support I really need
So if you want me to lay my head o your pillow here’s what you do
Respect my feelings because a man has feelings too
And if you don’t tell… 
Then maybe… just maybe, I will share with you…
(whisper) my secrets.

My Diary by Intellect

© Copyright 2004. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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