A Black Mans Journey

by Antwian Marcel Crawford

Against all odds,
Even through cell bars,
I manage,
To do damage,
Leaving a trail of scars.
Minor abrasions,
Will never phase them,
In an act of war,
You have to go through them,
Like you never knew them,
To the next corridor.
Barriers they've set up make you hesitant to explore,
They may have done it to the first man but they never
seen me before.
I'm bigger, better and even wiser than the last,
I gather my strength through bad experiences from the
Why am I such an outcast,
I figured it out,
Knowledge is power they start to fear and where
there's fear there's doubt.
Because I know my creed like Apollo,
To live riotously and some find it hard to swallow.
I've broken bread with friends as well as the enemy,
Because I know in the house of God hatred ain't the
It has been written in his holy book for all eyes to
And I believe he has both his eyes looking at me.
It's been a tough journey on that road called
But we still fight with new ideas and discoveries.
Devils tried to pick me up with manipulation and
smooth talk,
But I've went this far now and I'd rather continue to
I think it's the journey that carries the measure of a
I Break it down for the other brothers who just don't

A Black Mans Journey by Antwian Marcel Crawford

© Copyright 1999. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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