Fighting Temptation

by Intellect

There was a woman that wanted to get next to me,
So she tried everyday and kept testing me,
She said with me she wanted ecstasy,
But I told her it wasn’t just sex to me.
But, like a movie, she was still directing me,
Then she stood back to see how it affected me,
I got a wife, so what could our connection be,
But she still wanted it, just deceptively.
I told her it wasn’t the right recipe,
But it made this woman even more wet for me,
I even tried to hide but she detected me,
If she was a cop this girl would’ve arrested me.
And maybe then she would try to get the best of me,
Cause with her eyes she kept on undressing me,
Because all night she planned on sexing me,
But in my life there’s no need for perplexity.
But she finally became really vexed at me,
Because I said she’s a book with no text to me,
Now she was fine but I backed off successfully,
It’s sad she wouldn’t let me go respectfully.
I knew it was the devil that was hexing me,
But from temptation, God was protecting me,
I always keep my eyes in his direction see,
That’s why everyday he keeps blessing me

Fighting Temptation by Intellect

© Copyright 2004. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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