by Stephanie Ambrose

Cool, Calm, Sweet, Relaxation. 

Much Needed Meditation 

Time To Set A New Foundation

Jazz & Smooth R& B   

Is Just What I Need To Relax

Sometimes I Need To Be Alone 

I Donít Feel Like Picking Up That Goídamn  Phone

Give The Kids A Bath 

So I Can Have Time To Laugh 

All By Myself. 

Tell My Man To Chill, And Let Me Do My Thang.

I Ainít Frying None Of Them Chicken Wangs 

Go To K.F.C. 

Tonight Is Just For Me.  

Luther, Usher, Or Maybe Brian Mcknight

Will Set The Mood Just Right 

Candlelit Bubble Bath,   

Bubbles In Between My Toes

Aromatic Sandlewood  Breathed In Through My Nose.

Hmm I Suppose You Might Want To Join Me 

In This Implicit Escape From Reality 

 Iím Sorry But Thereís Just  No More Room  

I Am Riding Solo Tonight 

C-Ya Lata Iím Bout To Take Flight

Where I Am Going You May Ask ?

Donít Know That For Sure 

I Might Close My Eyes And Reminisce About the Past,   

But I Wonít Stay There Too Long, The Past Is Gone, Time To Move On. 

So For Right NowÖ.. Iím Just Relaxiní! 

Relaxin' by Stephanie Ambrose

© Copyright 2005. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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