The Power of Woman

by Stephanie Ambrose

I Am A Tall Mountain Planted Firmly Upon The Earth.
A Gift From God At Birth

Strong Not Shaken, And Never Weak
I Am The Destiny That You Seek

I Am A Survivor Of Many
Duplicates? There Arenít Any.

Created By God
Abused By Man

I Am A Beam Of Light
Shining Bright Like The Sun

In The Midst Of Adversity
Men Will Thirst For Me

I Am A Pillar Of Strength
I Will Go To Any Length

To Save You,
To Love You,
To Hold You, & Mold You

The Nectar Of My Breast Provides Nourishment For Life
I Am Your Deliverer From Strife
I Am Your Necessity For Life

I Should Be Highly Respected & Never Neglected
If Youíre Skeptical, Come Test It.

Follow Me Iíll Take You Places That Are Unseen
My Waters Run Deeper Than The Caribbean.

I Am A Soldier, & Warrior, Of Love
Iíll Show You Things You Will Not Know Of

Though You Have Hurt, Abused, & Constantly Used Me
I Laden You With My Mercy

My Resilience Is, Insurmountable
My Prowess Is, Incomparable

I Stand Tall Among The Heavens & High Upon The Earth
I Am A Gift From God At Birth

I Am The Power of WOMAN

The Power of Woman by Stephanie Ambrose

© Copyright 2005. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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