Don't Be a Myspace Dum Dummy

by Stephanie Ambrose

He said you have issues but he has issues too

The only real issue is that someone is missing a screw!

Maybe it’s your fault for starting it at first

But he followed your lead

And did not need to be coerced

Calling you up at your job and such

You may have been wrong but it did not take much

For him to give you his number or for him to call you back

You almost got caught as a matter of fact

Yall did, but you played it off so smooth and so slick

Do you remember what he said he was gon’ do to your

Tits?   Shit you know you do… He said some other stuff too….

‘bout he was coming out here in February

More like Nevurary…Got you feeling like

Mary when she said she was your lover & your secretary

I know you regret you even started this shit 

because lord knows you couldn’t handle it

He said you might fall in love 

Calling everyday talking about you and he having a baby 

Making you feel so damn crazzay…..

Coming home from work late at night causing a fight 

because of the time zone differences his day is your night

He was laying those sweet verses down on you 

like Love Jone’s brother to the night

I cannot believe 

You wore your heart on your sleeve…..

He begged you for flicks 

And you took those pics  

Just for his ass

And he dipped out without having any class!!

Now you know you ain’t ugly, fat, or bummy,

But I bet you feel crummy 

Getting played by that Myspace Dummy!

Don't Be a Myspace Dum Dummy by Stephanie Ambrose

© Copyright 2006. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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