by Stephanie Ambrose

All my life I have dreamed of a love that I have never known.
A love that is kind, a love that is all mine.

I wondered and pondered about it so much 
I dreamed of loves perfect touch.

I imagined a love that would be endless.
A love that would sustain for all time 
A love that was completely, & undoubtedly mine.
I Imagined a love that was so real, A love that I could feel.

I wanted a perfect match, a perfect catch. 

Where can love Be?

Where will he turn up? In church? in a club? at work? in the mall?

I thought I almost found him but then he ainít call.

I donít want to settle for second best 

I want a love I deserve. 

I want to be appreciatedÖfor cooking , cleaning, working & 
Taking care of the kidsÖshoot giving birth to my kids.

So many sacrifices in vainÖ.too much pain to bear 
I canít even believe you never even cared.
Kicked me out when I was pregnant I was rendered homeless
>From the suburbs to the gutter every time I think of it I shudder. 

Damín you Damín you damín you. 
Why did I cast my pearls among swine now I am bitter
And cold 

I just want a love I can hold. 

When I find him I know my heart will stand still.
When I see him smile I know that it will.

I donít want love to hurt like so many say it does 

I have tried love, had love and eventually lost love.

What is love anyway? 

Is it a feeling, or emotion, I know it stirs up enough commotion.

I donít want a love of convieance or a love of circumstance

I want a compatible love. 

Sent from above

I donít want to pretend anymore,

I am ready to walk out the door 

I want something real, 

something I can feel.

Love by Stephanie Ambrose

© Copyright 2004. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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