Love Inferno

by Stephanie Ambrose

Venture here with me only if you dare
For this ride is not intended for the prudent heart.
This ride is only for the grown & sexy
Picture this only if you dare!

All alone I stand in this big boudoir 
anxiously anticipating for you to come home.  
My body is searing with desire for your touch
My breasts are firm & taut, 
awaiting the sweet caress of my lovers tongue.    
A gentle breeze blows… clothing me only in its zephyr
As I stand here reminiscing of our last encounter.
Intensity begins to set in between my thighs 
You arrive just in time… 
You stealthy walk across the room preying on me 
like a panther going in for the kill
I am looking at you hoping that you will.

I feverishly undress you 
running my fingers over every muscular cut of your body. 
Your so big, & chocolaty, long, & strong 
Your arms are rock hard boulders enfolding me
I feel your fingers in my long brown hair. 
Tugging and pulling me with force yet so tender. 
I wrap my smooth honey kissed legs 
around your waist teasing & pleasing myself     
The overwhelming heat of our love fills the room 
with sensuality creating a melodic crescendo of passion.  
You caress me from my waist to my thighs.  
I am to staring in your deep dark eyes. 
I lay my head in your neck captivated in our embrace. 
Our hearts pound with lust. 
Our bodies yearning are for more. 
Finally your long hard shaft quenches my thirst 
piercing me so pleasantly painful 
thrusting harder to penetrate deeper within me
You delve deeper within the depths of my body 
rocking me backward & forward harder then softer. 
I am intoxicated by your heat in our passionate inferno 
my love pours down my thighs like rain on a hot summer day 
cold & wet yet so sweet.  
Our love goes on all night Long from Dusk to dawn. 
Burning the Pillows in our inferno of love.

Love Inferno by Stephanie Ambrose

© Copyright 2005. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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