A Familiar Face

by Stephanie Ambrose

One morning about 7am, I saw a woman, so familiar to me yet almost a stranger. We were friends at one time long ago. We knew each other real well. I knew her story but she did not know mine, I think I told her once but she forgot. I moved away and hadn’t seen her in a while.

She was beautiful the most beautiful woman I had ever seen. Her eyes were like red sand. When I looked into her eyes I saw she endured the kind of pain the average woman couldn’t understand. She was quite young with sort of an old demeanor; you could tell any man would love to get between her. Her energy was eccentric & sincere, her eyes seemed to say come here.

No denying her sex appeal this woman was quite real. She had inner strength & inner beauty besides being a cutie. She had a natural elegance that showed she possessed much intelligence.

Her aura had innocence…yet if you looked deep into her eyes you’d be surprised. She’ll bat her lashes and crack a pretty smile sure enough to drive any man wild. You’d know then she’s played the game for awhile.

Look deeper still into her eyes of red sand you’ll see a single tear shed for a man. Quickly she wipes it away not to spoil your day. Hoping you won’t mention pity life tough enough in this big city.

She had qualities I yearned for in myself. For these qualities could not be measured in wealth.

As I gazed deeper into the eyes jeweled from the red sea I realized the woman I had been staring at was ME !

For the face that was so familiar had been because I was still standing in the bathroom mirror!

A Familiar Face by Stephanie Ambrose

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