by Stephanie Ambrose

I see things so much more clearly now.
Like dawn breaking in a new day.
The fog is been removed. My wounds are healing. 
My Mind is a cloudless blue sky.
The scars from my wounds are invisible to the naked eye. 

I used to blame myself for the lost loves of my past
I sacrificed so much and they didn’t last 
Imprisoned by guilt, & insecurities
I racked my brain trying to figure out why.... 
Why I lost love when, I tried so hard to keep love?
Now I realize,
A wild animal cannot be kept in a cage.
In his rage he will rise against you, and bite you in the ass
& Eventually devour you. 

You won’t last.

Don't let him devour your spirit, don't let him consume your soul 

I continued to feed the animal…A beast
I couldn't control.

I fed him the food I cooked with my hands

He drank the love, which I poured from my heart
I fed him the best I had to give until my heart was empty 
He ate, and ate until he was content	
Until I became an icebox...cold, empty, & void with nothing left to give.

When I ran out of food he tried to kill me...
he hunted me down like a gamer looking for his prey. 
My heart spilled blood throughout my body I fought hard to stay alive.

I learned

Wild Animals don't love they survive

I escaped the survival of the fittest.

There are rules in the animal kingdom of love. 
Rules that you may or may not know of. 

Wild animals cannot be tamed
Let them run freely, but don't let them run over you. 

The domestic ones they will love you forever 
Take care of them and they will take care of you.

And what you share will give you both pleasure always & forever.

Animalistic by Stephanie Ambrose

© Copyright 2004. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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