by Qwantu Amaru

My tattoos were not fused to my skin 
With hues of a burning inkpen
I earned each and every one of them
When you trace them
You can see everywhere I've been
Every single time I've fallen
And gotten up again
I'm going to let you in
Within the deep dark den of my self
I'm giving you the combination to my soul

I've been dreading this moment ever since we first met
But I offer no apologies for the life I've led
Because if I want you to get me
I've got to show you the real me
Expose you to my filthy 
Ready or not I need to show you a few things
Come count the skeletons in the closet of this king
I truly hope you will linger after exploring my inner space
For the outcome of your inspection might determine my fate

Now that you've dissected my cosmology 
Do you still love me
Like you said you did before you experienced 
the blizzard of my bodies loneliest lair
Do you still care
Like you said you did before you took in my years of wear and tear
Are you as scared as I am
Can you be the comforter 
Who finally smothers my loneliness
Because this was my last test

Now I'm yours 
Mind body and soul
You've seen me broken that's how I've become whole
Yes the years took there toll but I've paid my debts
Because I bet the house on you and am walking away a winner
A sinner reformed a man reborn
Once scorned now crowned
Taken from undiscovered to world-reknowned
Full of hope for a future that exceeds our expectations by far
But first you have to trust me enough to show me your scars

Scars by Qwantu Amaru

© Copyright 2009. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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