I Love To See Them Happy

by Alena Harris

I like to see them happy.  
It was the only thing that seemed to cross my mind 
as I watched my two best friends from across the bar.
These two people who I have known for 10 years 
and have seen their ups and downs were smiling from ear to ear. 
I like to see them happy.
Itís not that they are people who never smile 
but in the process of growing up you find yourself 
frustrated by not being able to change situations you are in 
and often wonder how your life would be different if you hadÖ
I watched them shoot pool and laugh.  
Her acting as if she was a pro at the game, 
belittling her opponents as she knocked balls off the table on to the floor.  
It was her first game.
Him laughing hysterically at his partnerís lack of skills 
and every so often catching my eye and flashing me a smile.
I love to see them happy.
Their happiness was real and could partially be blamed on their beverages, 
but it didnít matter. 
At that moment no bills were due, 
there was enough money and all was right in the world.
Why? Because they were happy and I love to see them happy.

I Love To See Them Happy by Alena Harris

© Copyright 2003. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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