No Words

by Alena Harris

I remember being on the plane and feeling so excited. I was coming to visit you, my good friend. It had been a while since we had seen each other. When I got off the plane there you were waiting for me. We hugged, it felt so good to see you again. We went back to your place and you gave me the tour. My first night there we just chilled and talked about some of the crazy things we did back in the day. It felt like old times. We stayed up all night talking just like we used to.

On my last night there you took me out for a night on the town. Dinner, dancing and a movie. The movie and dinner were great, but the dancing -- that is where the problem arose. We danced fast and hard. Then we danced slow and close. Now I think that maybe it was a little too close. Lost in the music or the moment, we kissed. A nice, soft, lingering kiss. We looked at each other and decided to leave. Decided it was time to go home and do what was always in the back of our minds but we never acted on it until now.

We rode back to your place in complete silence. No words...No words...No words... We walked into your place and begin to kiss again. We start to leave a trail. Our shoes by the front door, your shirt on the couch, my blouse in the hallway, my bra in the doorway of your room. No words...No words...No words...Just heavy breathing and hands moving rapidly over each others bodies. As we make our way to your bed I catch a glimpse of us in the mirror. I stop and I look at you and our reflection and I realize this is a big mistake. No words...No words...No words...Just me leaving the room and picking up my clothes along the way. I closed the door to my room and laid in the bed thinking. I know you came to the door and stood there trying to think of something to say but there were and are no words for what almost happened.

We got up the next morning and pretended nothing had happened. We couldn’t even make eye contact. I couldn’t wait to get on the plane. I was ready to leave this weird situation. We couldn’t even hug each other goodbye. As I sit on the plane right now I wonder did I make the right choice. Would it really have changed us? But as usual there are no words. Just confusion.

No Words by Alena Harris

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