by Alena Harris

cute was not the reason and neither was ugly.
it was the one thing that will always get you in trouble
boredom that very evil tool 
that has led a many down the wrong path 
and right now it was about to lead another.
not a good enough reason you say.
well itís all the reason I have. 
the only story I got
and I plan to stick to it.
after all it is the truth,
but no one believes in truths and other false identities 
or other false ideas
or fictitious delusions of grandeur
but I digress.
I do know that I am avoiding the question at hand.
I am fairly good at doing that.
I do such a lovely dance that you become caught up in it 
and canít remember what it was you were talking about.
Now where were we?
canít remember can you?
oh well it was worth a try.
what was the question now?
I will try to give you an honest and straightforward answer.
I always pride myself with being honest.
there is no reason to lie to you I barely know you.
so why lie?
why start off on the wrong foot 
with someone who could be a good friend?
I wouldnít want you thinking less of meÖ
well you caught me again.
you are getting very good at this.
ok I will answer the question.
ask me again and you will receive the answer you desire.
so sorry to hear that.
well do give me a call when you remember
and I promise I will answer you directly.

Avoidance by Alena Harris

© Copyright 2003. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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