The Solution Lies In Our Own Court

by Akoli Penoukou

How many centuries should we be cheated in trade
Before we know thatís whatís making us bankrupt?
Say, how long should our humanity be negated
Before we refuse to be a second-class race?
Say, how long should others dictate our future
Before we decide to shape our own destinies?

The solution lies in our court.
And itís high time
We beckoned to our dignity

How often should we turn the other cheek
Before we realize the other takes us for a big fool?
Say, how long can we remain poor in the midst of plenty
Before we know that Godís graciousness is for us first?
Say, how many times should we pray and not act
Hoping that one day the other will have a change of heart?


How many times should we fall on the battlefield
Before rather beating our swords into ploughshares?
Say, how many of us must die prematurely
Before we create conditions to lengthen life?
Say, how many troubles should we see
Before we can refuse to be forever down?


How many hearts should beat in some peopleís chests
Before they can feel other peopleís pains?
Say, how many ears do some people need
Before they can hear other people crying for dignity?
Say, how many eyes are necessary for some people
Before they can see the misery around them?
Say, how many mouths must some people have
Before they can speak out against injustice?
The solution lies in our court.
For liberty is never handed out on a silver platter.

The Solution Lies In Our Own Court by Akoli Penoukou

© Copyright 2007. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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