Nobody Should Rest

by Akoli Penoukou

You must learn constantly in this speeding world
Donít think itís too late for you
Itís too late only when you believe so
But know, itís never too late for the determined.

Donít be content with any level of education
Thereís always something new to learn
Even in the field that you master so much
Now, you must possess more than necessary to survive.

Family man, sit at the same table with your children
And learn just as hard as them
Housewife, do your chores book in the hand
And learn as hard as you work.

Drop-out, go back to the studies that you forsook
And embrace it as if it was your life
Illiterate, find the school that nobody put you in
And catch up with the others.

Pupil, student, trainee, cling to your studies
Like a drowning man to a straw
And come out with flying colours
Which will hoist you and all of us high.

Apprentice, open your eyes, open your ears,
Open your heart, open your mind
Donít be hesitant or afraid to ask questions
Youíre going to be the one who will train others.

Nobody should rest
Till all are filled with knowledge and wisdom
For our collective power comes from each oneís power.
Together we should shine!

Nobody Should Rest by Akoli Penoukou

© Copyright 2004. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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