Welfare Queen

by Akanke

People stop and stare at me when they see me in the store
It isnít because Iím royalty, but instead because Iím poor
They see a woman to who the Pill seems a stranger
All the things they ďseeĒ makes them feel a lot of anger
All they see is a stereotype, they canít see the real me
All they see is someone who is living life carefree
All they see is someone content on taking a free ride
While they struggle and pay taxes, I sit on my backside.
All they see is someone who seems to have no cares
All they see is my black face peering back at theirs.
All they see is someone ignorant; they judge me in advance
But in reality, Iím simply a victim of circumstance.

I whispered, ďI have food stampsĒ, and tried to be discreet
But the cashier decided that my words she must repeat.
As I stand in the line, I can feel my face is flaming
Because of all the negative things that everyone is claiming.
Suddenly someone spoke and said words that caused me grief
They expressed their emotions and stereotypical beliefs.
ďWhy donít you get a job?! Get up off of your posterior!
Youíre capable of working! Do you think you are superior?
You sit around all day, waiting for others to give
While I work my butt off daily so that I can live.Ē
I stood there dumbfounded, not knowing what to say
Whether to answer the questions, or simply walk away.

What the taxpayer did is something I really hate
The taxpayer was typecasting, I had to commentate.
ďIím not sitting on my butt, I have not time enough
Working and going to school makes it a little tough.Ē

ďWell why are you on welfare? Whereís your childís father?Ē
Iím glad he had the sense to ask, cause most wonít even botherÖ
ďHe walked out. He left. And now Iím on my own.
A job that was meant for two, I handle all alone.Ē
I didnít create her asexually, humans canít do that you see.
It took the sperm from him, and the egg that came from me.

So in the future, if you see me, give me the honor I deserve
What the taxpayer did, it took a lot of nerve.
But please, donít disrespect me with any supposition
Iím striving hard daily to get out of this position.
Iíve never said Iím perfect. I can only do my best.
But I will be off the system, before Iím put to rest.

Welfare Queen by Akanke

© Copyright 1997. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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