Different Stokes, We're Different Folks

by Akanke

Iím a unique individual in this world
Donít act or look like any of those girls
Dressed in down vests, baggy jeans, with tracks of hair
Timberland, Polo, and Tommy Ė lookiní debonair.

Iím not like anyone else on this earth 
This isnít a new feeling - been there since birth.

Young men with scull caps and hard-assed looks
Girls carryiní DKNY or Coach pocketbooks.
Acrylic nails with an airbrushed design
Blinginí watches to keep up with the time
Cornrowed hair and platform boots
Hair super-straight, no kinky roots
Wave caps on, jeans sagging to the knee
All that ďcoolnessĒ just isnít in me
Hair bright colors, girls who are super thin
Making me feel huge cause Iím above a size 10

They walk around with the aroma of weed so deep
Eyes droopiní so hard, looks like they asleep.
Man! All that glitz just isnít in me
I like to live my life a little more simply.
I feel out of place Ďcause I donít call my car a whip
Or cause I donít have expensive wine on which to sip.
I feel out of place cause I donít use words like ďgravyĒ
And Ďcause I donít buy down-vests from GAP or Old Navy.
I feel out of place, but at least Iím being me.
Makes life much easier and more carefree.

Different Stokes, We're Different Folks by Akanke

© Copyright 2000. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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