Real Vs Fake (Women Vs Men)

by Abstruse

Theres some stuff on my mind, 
Can only get it out with a pen, 
Theres some differances in life 
Between women and men. 

When I break it down to you, 
Please dont take it to the heart, 
Im just gon settle this score 
And break it down on my chart. 

When A woman loves a man, 
You could see it in her eyes, 
When A man loves a woman, 
He just feeds her with  lies.

When a Woman finds him cheating, 
She breaks down and cries, 
When the man starts to explain, 
He tells her he doesnt know why. 

When a woman is fed up, 
She starts to flee to another, 
When the man is broken down, 
He starts to plea to his mother. 

A real woman wont creep, 
Even if her soul his beat, 
A real man wouldnt be cheap, 
And hurt a beautiful woman so sweet. 

A real woman isnt loose, 
You dont get sex unless its love 
But its a shame she's a addict, 
And a bad man's her favorite drug. 

A real man is a prize, 
Were not as rare as you conceive, 
"All men our dogs?" 
Thats really unfair for you to believe. 

A key to a womans heart, 
Is through love and affection ,
A key to a mans soul, 
Is 20 minutes of erections. 

How to keep a good man, 
Show your true colors and dignity, 
He'll take you on a road to his heart, 
And walk you through his life vividly.

Real woman express themselves,
With proper attitude and style, 
A bytch woman stomps and curses, 
Stuck in the process as a child. 

A real man disagrees, 
But never attempts to rasie a fist, 
A bytch man throws his bows, 
Every little minute he's pizzed.

A real woman is herself, 
Shes never infatuated with present trends, 
Her main priority is success,
Shes glad she made it with her friends.

A real man's a real father,
He never lookin back at his Ex, 
He runs a bath for his wife,
And thinks of a name for new life he expects. 

Real woman have faith, 
A real man follows his savior, 
There different aspects on life, 
On Men and Womans behavior. 

Real Vs Fake (Women Vs Men) by Abstruse

© Copyright 2006. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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