A Mind's Home

by Abstruse

What is this place before me? 
It is a classroom, better yet, a sanctuary for thought. 
I sit surrounded by others, with identical shallow tongue. 
With questions of education, 
As outer skin quivers in fear of learning. 
My brain reaches out to feast on intelligence, 
Confusion bubbles in blood, scrambling on the pressure of time. 

The loud silence is at a high volume. 
I am dying off the thirst of knowledge,
drinking from the teacher’s cup. 

Why am I here? Why are we here? 
Questions roaming the room like a lost cub. 
Help us teacher! Tell me what have I learned? 
I think I know, but what I think are not thoughts. 
Instead I think of use. O what the use of this can be. 
I think it more when I am teached what I need. 
We have no reason to drift off education, 
He, who takes in, will have more to give out. 
We have no use not to show, so I show, 
To use what they show, to show myself a better meaning of me. 

In some strange way, I am leaving a better student. 
Sacrificing going out, and learning the responsibility of staying in. 
Priorities knock on my door, while dedication breaks in my heart, 
Like a thief in the night. 

Teach me teacher! What can I use for my future. 
You can’t tell me, why not? 
Is it because my future is my choice? 
What I learned is what I use. So I have to use what you teach. 
I’ve learned not to slack off at any given moment. 
Let it be known, I am a student. 
I have never said it more proudly, 
and never said it so loudly. 

I ask myself again, “What have I learned?” 
Everyone has a different opinion, 
I’ve learned, never over throw the situation.   
This is my life; I love it like a baby loves candy. 
So I will cherish it like candy loves corn... 
I learned not to set my self-short, instead look ahead to the long run. 
Hard work now pays off, so I will work for free. 
For now my money stacks in the future, while I make it in the past. 

What have I learned? 
Let's see, I have learned a lot.
But what the question should be is, 
“What haven’t I learned?" 

A Mind's Home by Abstruse

© Copyright 2001. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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