Fatherless Son

by Abstruse

I remember as a young boy, around the age 4 
The first time I saw my daddy coming through the door 
But the 1st time was the last time I saw a father figure
I kind of figured, 
I thought this father and son stuff was supposed to be much bigger 
But I guess not, Daddy had other things to do, 
I'm not talking career, Daddy had other chicks to screw 
Bangin out chicks with no rubbers is a hazard, 
Now I'm walking around popless, I'm a bastard 
I never asked where he was, 
Never questioned mommy one time 
You never asked about me once 
Was I ever on your mind? 
I knew daddy didn't care, but still 
I waited patient 
It's the 19th year, I still can't picture you 
I have to face it 
I only know what I heard 
I almost ended up just like you, I look just like you 
My actions are the same, How can I dislike you? 
But that's life, and the way the dice is rolled 
One day you'll pay the price, and realise life is cold 
It's time to face reality, pops it's not time to run 
When it's time for me to have one, 
I'm gonna make sure my kid isn't a fatherless son 

Fatherless Son by Abstruse

© Copyright 2003. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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