The Plastic Surgeon

by Abbia Udofia

when will you go under the knife, 
i understand you are constantly feverish with your life?
i undertake to deliver you beautiful in all ways 
and ever at bliss and peace with your face. 
when will you come under the knife 
and discard what is unwanted and rife
come when you need finesse with your looks
you will be eternally pleased as bid bye to crooks 

i have clients - priests, eloping couples, 
fugitives, models, movie stars, magnates and moguls.
i have given breast implants for the elderly, 
and lifts that changed royal noses and chins perfectly

i would not guarantee that all would be well
i have made terrible mistakes and badly fell
a few patients briefs misdrawn like ghostly interiors  
and have been haunted by these fatal errors 

but if you are prepared for a face or eye lift 
do not be ill if the surgery goes awry or rift 
i rather assure this will extremely alter your life 
and fetch you better poise and more alive

i once worked on a lady whose man deserted her, kids, store
and took in a young beau; after hours behind my surgery door
i turned her stunningly lovely and youthful like fire
all eyes, even the deserting ones came to admire

come who wish beauty and look good as may feel;
those aging and failing, seeking a fresh wheel 
i will make your eyes, nose, lips, hair, arresting, 
your angelic waist and face greatly striking 

The Plastic Surgeon by Abbia Udofia

© Copyright 2007. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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