The Perfume

by Abbia Udofia

I had exhausted the contents of my cup
but waited yet for her to pass.
she came by and her beauty as 
her perfume smote my breath and propelled 
rain and forest fires in my head.

She placed her tray on the table beside me; 
i have seen beauties greater 
than butterflies, sweeter 
than the purple sunset;
perfume bearing the supple scents of heaven.

Beauties are all the same
ask the angels.
Her perfume refreshed me
like rain after years of drought,
and i drank deeply from her cool rain;
ask the angels. 

The Perfume by Abbia Udofia

© Copyright 2006. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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