Night Call

by abbya

The other night she came untold pleading, 
She who took my heart next to heaven.
She looked yet beautiful
Like the bare feet girl
Who served bean cakes of clay,
Whose dowry I paid with apple seeds. 
She acted spouse, lover, guardian, poetess.
She took the seat by the window quietly.
    Why love do you yoke me so?
    What I crave you always know
She said in tears unshed in her pearly eyes.
    Why do you decline my letters, flowers, cards
    And make me a subject among accursed discards? 
Her words like arrows hit my heart, soul
And brought flowers and light of our past. 
    You belong to another man now;
    Safe to hold on to what you avow.
    Why plant and tend love’s acorn 
    And then smoothly snuff it with torn? 
She sobbed, her face in her hands
Like a woman whose love is pronounced dead.
    Can you visit my gloomy heart and reshape 
    That love and its beautiful lines and cape?
    Can you trace the golden beach, baobab tree
    Our timeless trysts and affirm hearts true, free?
    Why do we make love so innocent yet cruel,
    And smoothly default its prayers and laurel?
She responded as night dripping with rain
Shaking like a tree in the arms of storm 
   Why love, must you yoke me thus?
   I lied, defaulted, feigned not for us
   But must I die unforgiven, shamed,  
   With love broken, flatten and ill-famed?

 So much grows and dissolves in love..

Night Call by abbya

© Copyright 2005. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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