Dewdrops Identification Parade

by abbya

we move ahead of the slaughtered streams, sun
with blind torches, blind songs, drunk drums
to clear labyrinths of entangling webs
slippery ladders and fetch 
those who climbed halfway
to kiss scarlet, diseased feet

like dead leaves, like polished bones 
incinerated in concentration camps
sjambok latches light deceitful truths
awaited spectioneers disappear with lampoons 
in whale gullies, incertitude, amorphous blackness.
those who passionately plead for euthanasia
who wail to be buried with exposed limbs
as souvenirs for those coming with cutthroat dawns;
dream hunters seize umbilical cords 
twisted around savage necks,
those who stifle birth cries of good consciences 
and muffle diligent labours of sane liberties

draw refrigerated cabinets, identify frozen faces
of the departed unbailed,
dispatched untimely for fictitious omissions - 
you look other way?
when predatory claws seize feeble innocents
and lap boisterous rivulets -
you close your wide ears?
when hounded friends scream for candles 
and morn after, decimated remains
are exposed on frightened, strained streets
like hyenas’ unfinished dinner -
you pass with hushed faces, mute prayers?

dream sharer your long knives
skin our lean wind like coupon sheets, 
you slaughter our days
like peace lambs in famished shrines

the moon declines shinning again here
and sun hides its face in fright
on the cross of structural redemption -
our salvation is shifted each time
we move towards our driving priest. 
he masquerade in a dance of frenzy
he is rain on exile.

set your drunk heart on eyes of the ravaging tiger
hear naked screams of the ram’s last pleas 
don’t dismiss the loud evidence 
of this black parade from your loaded heart.

dewdrops on hounded hearts, 
blood drops
on falconers and the falconed..

Dewdrops Identification Parade by abbya

© Copyright 2006. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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