Through It All

by 144Play

Attacked by our brothers and placed into indentured servitude Is that any way to treat your brother? To have one bartered over and traded for guns and booze That’s how you treated your brothers Hoarded and loaded onto dark cramped ships to endure the Atlantic Do you see how they treated us; your brothers Chained below deck, side by side, our women raped and abused Is this how you’d treat your sisters? Brothers and Sisters dying from hunger and sickness Tossed over board to face sure death by the sea’s wickedness This is how they treated us, your brothers… MIDDLE PASSAGE Through it all There were survivors traded for sugar, molasses and supplies Can you hear your brother’s cries? Working from sun up to sun down, feeling the massa’s whip Having to eat what he did not want or his scraps New families separated at the massa’s whim Thanks my brothers for dealing me to a place so grim Surviving bondage for over 400 years Brother’s will you wipe away my tears? Through it all Emancipation, we still have chains The chains of racism Release the chains of racism Just want to be treated as an equal, for equal pay But can’t get fair treatment for my skin color is different… Realism Migrate to the north where you have got some privileges… We pray Now I can eat the same foods, but only if I go through the door in the rear Washrooms labeled “Whites” and “Colored” for his pride They called it public segregation, I call it fear Listening to all their fore-father’s lies Some call him “Jim Crow” Through it all We shall overcome March on Washington Poor People’s Campaign Resurrection City at the Lincoln Memorial Get to know your history, Our-story Many gave their lives so you could be where you are today Continue the march! Through it all Remember! Still, we have not reached his dream

Through It All by 144Play

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