by 144Play

Imagine this if you will
Slowly I rub your body down with strawberry scented oils
Hands masterfully knead all the right places
to start you off on a thrill
A ride you have been waiting for,
that will make your love boil
First we must enjoy our strawberry delight
As I use well practiced strokes with my tongue
To heighten your arousal while you hold my head tight
Wait a minute this is not the time to cum
Cause I have so much more to offer to your surprise
Your body gyrating in tune with my motions
Thighs trembling awaiting my invasion into your womanly prize
The aroma, ooh so sweet causing me to stiffen
as I awaken your love potion
Glistening and radiating intense heat
I don my protective shielding so,
as I do not want to be burned
Guiding into your warm womanhood
I glide in slowly to savor this treat
Feeling your pulsating reactions,
I begin to move with precision as I once learned
Probing your inner depths,
I go deeper into your wetness
Your increased excitement incites my movements all to well
Causing me to flip your legs over my shoulders
as I enter into your fullness
You beg me to never stop,
I believe Iíve got you under my spell
Your movements become more violent
as you spill out more love potion
Tears form in the corner of your eyes,
is it pain or is it joy
Judging from all of the commotion
Youíve finally met a real man and not a boy toy
Hearing you exhale, I wonder why that would be
This ride is not over; rather itís just beginning
Itís time to enter from the back
and continue with this sinning
Thoughts of drilling for oil on my mind
I commence the gyrations and pumping to satisfy
Using different strokes while slapping your behind
Putting your head into the pillow your screams,
you try to pacify
Sending your body into convulsions I stroke deep once more
Holding it there until you finish with your spasms
Are you finished? Are you sure?
ďJust taking time to relax after that last orgasmĒ

Sinnin' by 144Play

© Copyright 2000. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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