One Night

by 144Play

In between whispers
Thoughts of how sweet it could be 
To have and hold me for an eternity
This soft and sensual man 
Inspiring total relaxation and hope
Placing small wet kisses on the back of your neck
Your breathing begins to pant 
Whispering softly in your ear what it is I want to do
Placing your nipple in the warm recesses of my mouth
Causing mini tremors to quake in your lovebox
My hands move south with gracefulness
Lightly grazing your mound through your silk dress
Sending your warmth to my fingertips
As they search for your slippery cavern
Wanting to taste your honey dew wetness
Causing me to stiffen
Undressing, allowing you to take me in your mouth
Creating sensations rarely experienced
Running along the underside of my penis
Then suddenly taking me deep inside your throat
Feeling me pulsate you devour hungrily
Awaiting my gift of life
Reciprocation is in order
As I grab your ass cheeks and lift you onto the bed
Flirtatiously I flick at your pleasure knob
Got your hips raising off the bed 
Tongue administrations perfected
Concentrated sucking on your clitoris
Working your body into uncontrollable spasms
Releasing deep throaty groans of pleasure
I climb from the valley below to the mountaintops
Swirling around your nipples
Positioning myself to enter into your wetness
Teasingly I withdraw from your attempts to impale yourself
Still brimming from your latest orgasmic experience
Leg muscles twitching with uncertainty
I enter your exquisite wetness
As you dig your nails into my back
At last we are one

One Night by 144Play

© Copyright 2000. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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