Making Music

by 144PLAY

I love the sound of sweet music
The tones and rhythms of love ecstasy being displayed tonight
For some it may take time to get used to it
Mastering the art, so many trying to do it right

Lovemaking is an art, not a game
To rush to fast would be a real shame

Let's prepare the instruments playing tonight
So relax your body and mind, I'll satisfy you with tender loving care
Yes, I know what you want, first let's turn on the box between your thighs
So we can hear the juicy sounds everywhere
Amplifying those unrecognizable cries

Performing cunnilingus to the beat of a slow ballad, my guitar
Are you enjoying the music resonating from this particular instrument?
Guitar warmed up, we move to the skin flute
Playing this instrument can be very tricky and satisfying
Careful not to grip it to tight
Up next, the violin
Sliding the bow over the strings, see how beautifully it sings
The ooh's and aah's and the joy it brings
Adjustment needed now
Constant tweaking of the nipples produces a more throaty sound
Feeling the moment 
Tempo increases as we play harder, nearing our crescendo
Wait a minute!  Wait a minute!
We are only warming up for tonight's show

Making Music by 144PLAY

© Copyright 1999. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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