Just 5 Minutes

by 144Play

Just 5 minutes
Thatís 300 seconds
Isnít that more than enough
It takes 3 minutes to pop popcorn 
It takes 1 minute to boil minute rice
It takes less than 4 minutes to run a mile race
Most stoplights change every 4 1/2 minutes
With a mere 30 seconds between yellow and red
But to make love to a woman is an eternity
It will take more than 5 minutes to look into her eyes
Itíll take longer than 5 minutes to start the conversation off right
Itíll take longer than 5 minutes to get up the nerve to take her hands
Itíll take longer than 5 minutes to explore the many facets of likeness
Just 40 seconds for her to remove her blouse and bra
A mere 20 seconds to climb out of her trousers and panties
But wait a minute (60 seconds)  no need to rush
Slow it down 
Relax and let 144PLAY set the mood 
Let me take you for a special ride of ecstasy
No need to help me any further
Iíve gained control of your next 5 minutes
These next 5 minutes are counted off not using the current time scale
For each sexual sin-sation will be approximately 30 seconds
And if you play your cards right I will stretch those sin-sations 
Over a long period of time
Total relaxation is the goal
Do you have the time?

Just 5 Minutes by 144Play

© Copyright 2000. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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