Demons In My Wake

by 144Play

I am a young Black American
Black and beautiful
What has caused all this drama for me man?
That I keep running
Trying to distance myself from the demons
As if I will find the answer in the bottom of this bottle
Gifted mind
Being wasted
Figured this is the best way to walk in this darkness
Getting wasted
Help me
Can't you see me reaching out?
Trying to disguise my unhappiness
My young son I can not help
Not in this drunkenness
Is it best to end this now?
The cycle
To remove his embarrassment of his dad
How then will he be raised?
Victim of these cold mean streets
To carry on where I left off
Damn these streets
Always ready to pick up the slack
Stealing your soul
Placing the monkey on your back
Why is it that I must bear this burden?
Of being a responsible Black Man
I can not handle my life so turbulent
I cower under the pressure
Wishing to hide
From raising my son, my treasure
To be a fine upstanding citizen with his head held high

Oh you demons beware
One more drink is all I need
Back down you demons don't give me that stare
After one more drink this warning you will heed

Black Americans
Excuse me 
I repeat warning
Face your problems responsibly
Liquid courage will only leave you 
Be responsible adults
Prepare for their future
You owe them that much

Demons In My Wake by 144Play

© Copyright 2000. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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