African American Dream Cracked

by 144Play

Inner city corruption
Dressed in your Tommyís and gold glory
Just an illusion
Older generation confused by your fury
Wasting beautiful black minds and bodies
Inhaling the white poison is not the solution
Racial genocide
Black minds full of confusion
Waging battle against our own race
Society locking up our youth
Removing black males with barely a trace
Racial conspiracy
Leaving fatherless followers to Americaís persecution
Inner cities turning into Crack death chambers
In search of an solution 
How did we get so far gone?
Selling or smoking ourselves into economical slavery
Crack zombies determining our future race
Turning our backs to this rising epidemic
Dare to make a difference; not your place
Pretending we canít help the sick
Paying little attention to its impact
Easy money does not come that easily
Increasing populations of black males
 in steel and concrete shacks
While our precious seeds germinate amongst ghost
Black America have mercy on me
Cracked dreams
Tired of watching my race go up in smoke
Young and old black drug pushers, I charge thee
To stop the flow of this white death to our kinfolk
Ancestors from the past had lofty expectations
Stolen Black American dreams
Masters of your own fate

African American Dream Cracked by 144Play

© Copyright 2000. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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