by 144Play

Condemned to death by a bias system
Framed to take the fall one spring night
Guilty! Guilty they say to him
Denied a fair trial, but not without a fight
The inspiring voice of the Voiceless
Mumia Abu Jamal
Awaiting on Pennsylvaniaís death row
Conspired to steal another innocent soul is their quest
The truth (voice) to be silenced say itís not so
Do these oppressors believe that death will silence the Voice
Mumia will only rise up in another
Will he also be set up and torn away from his/her mother?
Writing as a black man also on death row
Yes, all black males are on death row
You are charged with being black in America
Do you disagree?
Try to run for the presidency
Watch how the white media reacts
Letís try something simpler in fact
Cruise the streets in your shining expensive car
Then watch the eyes of the man thinking of an violation to charge
Guilty by blackness while on the systemís death row
This is what we call freedom, though?
Mumia Abu Jamal
The state of Pennsylvania you can set him free
Released to be hugged and loved by his family
South Africa realized itís mistake
Or is executing the innocent your fate
Or will you set him free as a martyr
Do not cry for MAJ on that dreadful day
For he will be free to influence in spirit
Only to watch as another continues the struggle; fear it

Condemned by 144Play

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