Changing Times?

by 144Play

Sisters and brothers can you spare some time? To listen about Our-history maybe in a rhyme Remember growing up on some nights with little on your plate Fatherís working hard hoping to change your fate Maybe you remember the disciplining when you did something wrong Wanting you to be a king and not a pawn in this game of life, was he wrong? Learned respect for your elders while always on display All to help you realize how the game is being played People wake up, we have no one else to blame Oh, how we have forgotten the rules of the game Kids disrespecting everyone including our Mothers Wake up my sisters and brothers Taught you that bad things happen on the streets after dark So why do we let our younger generation, miss this mark? Selling poison to our people without a care in the world Witnessing all this sickness makes me want to earl I wonder what we will call ourselves tomorrow Negro, Black, Afro-American; our lives filled with sorrow Do you know of any other race that changes so frequent? Confusing isnít it? Time well spent? Has times really changed? We donít call them massa They still call you boy We donít pick cotton for them anymore We just buy it from their stores I guess times have changed!

Changing Times? by 144Play

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