by 144Play

Here I go thinking about the times spent with you
Wishing I could be there to help undress that sexy body
Knowing that I could make you scream in ecstasy,
you know this is true
The nervous way you twitch your thighs
Wanting to wrap them around me 
Movements escalated by impure thoughts
You whisper in my ear
You want to taste my white stream 
To feel it pulsate in the back of your throat
All the while you are playing in your slippery wetness
The way you look into my eyes informs me that you are addicted
Will you ever get enough of my magic juices?
Is it really good down to the last drop?
Now you grab my hand to lead me into the lioness den
Watching the movement of your body creates a new excitement
The aroma from your finger adventures permeates the air
You place it seductively between your luscious lips
Tonguing your finger with a lubricious intent
You allow me to join in on the festivities
Parting your legs as you guide my sensual lips
to your still melting chocolate cat
Tenderly I lap at your sweet chocolate sauce
Not wanting to displease 
I encircle your clit and flick at it, what a tease
You let out a moan, letting me know
that I once again have found your spot
Damn, Hershey has nothing compared to your chocolate sauce
Realizing that our fascination
To explore each other orally
Will always be time well spent

Addiction by 144Play

© Copyright 2000. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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